I am Ed Snider — a developer, speaker, author, Microsoft MVP, and Xamarin MVP based in the Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia area. I have a passion for mobile design and development and regularly speak about Xamarin and Windows app development throughout the local developer community in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. I also run the D.C. area Mobile .NET Developers Group (@dcmobiledev) which focuses on bringing local developers together to talk and learn about mobile development with .NET and Xamarin.

I work at InfernoRed Technology (@infernoredtech). At InfernoRed I am primarily focused on working with clients and partners to build mobile and media focused products on iOS, Android, and Windows. I joined the InfernoRed team in January 2014 and have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing colleagues, partners, and clients to build some pretty awesome things!

I’ve been coding for over half my life (since I was 15). I got my first job in 1999 working at a Piedmont Press and Graphics maintaining the local newspaper’s website. For the first few years of my career I worked with Cold Fusion to develop dynamic web applications and e-commerce solutions. I started working with the .NET framework in 2005 when .NET 2.0 came out and have pretty much been doing .NET development ever since and started building mobile apps with .NET in 2011.

I was recognized as a Xamarin MVP in 2015 and as a Microsoft MVP in 2017.

I wrote a book about developing mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms. The book is titled “Mastering Xamarin.Forms” and is available on Amazon.